About Us

About Rs2hot:

rs2hot is the world's leading provider of value-added services to the players and publishers of multiplayer online games and supply the outstanding customer service.

The Core business is the making of secondary markets for the buying and selling of the virtual currencies and property used by players of multiplayer online games. We do our business on the basis of equality and mutual benefit; we take this chance to establish a good business relationship with you.

In addition to the many services we provide to the players, rs2hot has developed the infrastructure to deliver significant value-added services to multiplayer game publishers, including direct distribution, outsourced customer service, and marketing and promotion services. Multiplayer online games such as US servers and European Servers the creation of rich virtual worlds, whose inhabitants band together each night to engage in the most impressive form of online entertainment available today. rs2hot was founded by avid online game players to service this growing community of multiplayer online gamers. The secondary markets permit some players to better enjoy their gaming experience by supplementing their in-game assets, while allowing other players with more time to commit to online gaming to earn real-world income by redistributing their in-game wealth.

Going beyond secondary market services, rs2hot has developed and oversees an extensive network of web-based content and community sites catering to online gamers. Our deep relationship with hundreds of thousands of multiplayer online gamers is further strengthened as result of our continuing efforts to develop additional value-added services for the players of online games.

Whether it's by bringing players together outside the virtual settings of online games or by facilitating secondary markets within the games, we hope to support and test new ideas that stretch the boundaries of that, by seeking to better understand how virtual economies work, we hope to assist game publishers and players in maintaining healthy and growing virtual economies.

rs2hot maintains its administrative offices in China. The Company's market making and currency exchange services are operated by Internet rs2hot Ltd., the Company's auction exchange services and content network sites are administered by wholly owned subsidiaries in China.

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