2019 Enjoy OSRS Song of the Elves Guide: Requirements & More [Monday, July 29, 2019]

Song of the Elves is the final quest in the Elf quest series. Long-awaited Song of the Elves OSRS quest has finally been released in game by Jagex. Completion of the quest unlocks access to the elven city of Prifddinas.
Here is our OSRS Song of the Elves guide with the riddle solution, boss fight strategies and others to help you complete this new Grandmaster quest.

To access the Song of the Elves content you’ll need to be a subscriber to Old School RuneScape, completed all quests in the Elven storyline through Mourning’s End Part II, completed The Making History quest, and be Level 70 in Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Smithing, Mining and Woodcutting.

Solution to Riddle in Waterfall Dungeon
After travelling to the Waterfall Dungeon in Song of Elves quest, talk to Arianwyn, and he will hand you a book, Ode to eternity, with a riddle, that requires you to use items on the pillars around the tomb. You should notice that the items for each pillar are the same for all players, but the layout is random which requires you to inspect the pillars to figure out the order. Don’t forget to read the book before placing any items.
Warning: If you place the items in an incorrect order, you will have to buy/collect the items again.
There are 6 items with respective numbers:
1 - Nature rune
2 - Flowers
3 - Black knife or Black dagger
4 - Wine of Zamorak or Zamorak brew
5 - Adamant chainbody
6 - Cabbage


OSRS Song of the Elves Guide
Here is the solution to place these items on the pillars:
1. SW says the number it is, place the item.
2. NW will say the number it is next to. This is the item to place on the W pillar.
3. NE will say what it is opposite. This is the item to place on the NW pillar.
4. E will say what number it isn't next to. This is the item to place on the the E pillar itself.
5. SE will say what it isn't. This is the item to place on the NE pillar.
6. Place the final item on the SE pillar.

Fighting Seren
You need to beat the Fragment of Seren in the final part of OSRS Song of the Elves quest. She is weak to magic attacks. All forms of recoil do not work.Her basic attack is ranged and melee. Pray ranged and do not stand beside her. Here are some useful strategies:
1. Drink a dose of Saradomin brew and super restore before entering the boss fight
2. Once in the boss fight, activate protect from range and mystic might or Augury (for extra magic attack)
3. Prioritize hitting damage over your current health, UNTIL the Seren fragment enters the pillar phase. Once you have destroyed all the pillars, immediately drink Saradomin brew until your hitpoints are above your hitpoints level.
4. The Seren fragment will now launch a projectile at you that deals up to 98% of your hitpoints level, rounded up. This projectile cannot be avoided.
5. Once the attack is over, drink Saradomin brews until your health is at a reasonable level, then drink 2 doses of your super restore potion. This makes sure your magic level stays high, so your magic attacks have a higher level of success.
Repeat steps 3-5, however be wary you may need to drink saradomin brew/super restore potion during other phases of the fight.

(Another good way to beat Seren is to use blood barrage along with Master/Kodai wand, barrage keeps your hitpoints up, using this method requires less Saradomin brews and is easier for people who don't know the brew/restore ratio.)


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