2021 Best Method for Leveling up OSRS 1-99 Ranged Guide [Friday, March 19, 2021]

Ranged skills have always been a huge part of the OSRS gameplay. It allows players to safe-spot powerful monsters from a distance, while eliminating melee players in PvP. Hence, it is imperative for players to stay up-to-date with the most time-efficient means for ranged training in OSRS. But look no further, for this 2021 OSRS Ranged Guide is likely to solve all of your problems.

The Importance of Training Ranged

Old School RuneScape comes with three different combat skill types, enabling players to choose one from them. And if you’re looking for the safest option, then you simply cannot go wrong with the Ranged skills. The skill type can be quite easy to use, however, grinding and leveling it up tends to become rather tedious. Other than that, the Ranged skills can also be used for making some gold.

Types of Ranged Styles

OSRS features a variety of builds and options, but the ranged styles can generally be divided into 3 groups:


The unwritten bonus on this style allows players to significantly increase their accuracy stat. Furthermore, with each point of damage dealt, the class gains 4 xp, and 1.33 xp in Ranged and Hitpoints, respectively.


The long-range style, as the name may suggest, significantly increases the attack distance for your character. The style also offers an invisible defense bonus. Moreover, the total damage dealt results in 2xp in ranged and defense, while 1.33xp for the Hitpoints earned.


The Rapid style gives the player the ability to increase their rate of fire, with the drawback of losing some accuracy in the long run. The experience points gained are the same in amount as the Accurate style.

Ranged Training: Free-to-play (non-members)

rs2hot leveling osrs 1-99 ranged guide 

The grind pattern and areas are subject to change with the difference in a player’s membership status. The main lineup of F2P ranged weapons includes:

· Shortbow – a fast ATK speed of 6, being possibly the most recommended weapon for leveling up. Be sure to use the training bow till you arrive at lvl 10 ranged.

· Longbow – comes with a slower attack speed but with an increase in the overall firing range for the bow

· Crossbow – the crossbow is slightly behind the shortbow, in terms of fire rate. However, this weapon allows you to use it single-handedly, while most other weapons require two hands. Players can equip a shield on their other arm, however, doing this will limit the crossbow’s range.

The above mentioned weapons can be used and switched in-between, depending on the situation and your preference. Additionally, you might be worrying as to what exact weapons do we recommend. Hence. In our opinion, fully utilizing the training bow at the beginning, followed by the absolute best bow later as you level up, would be the right answer. Shortbows are often perfect for Ranged training since they boast a relatively high rate of fire, decreased damage, and the choice is up to you.

Moving on, now that you know what bow to use, next comes the arrows/bolts you can use. And just like the weapons, start off with training arrows, then iron arrows, followed by steel arrows for high damage output. Aiming for Mithril and Adamant arrows, although awesome, are not needed for PvE fights.

If you’re a crossbow user and free-to-play, then users may have to deal with others that deal the same amount of damage as the iron arrows dealt.

Free-to-play Ranged Armor

Armor plays the key defensive role in protecting the player from receiving damage from all directions. These armors can be further optimized, giving players the best possible amount of experience points.

Amulets are wearable items that can help boost a player’s stats. Our team believes that the OSRS Amulet of Power is hands-down the best amulet in the game. The runner-up for the second-best amulet is perhaps the Amulet of Accuracy, followed by the Amulet of Defense.

Free-to-player Ranged Leveling — Monsters

Having explained the wearable gear, players must next look forward to the type of monsters they must hunt.

· Lvl 1 to 4 — Goblins

· Lvl 5 to 6 — Monks

· Lvl 7 to 9 — Wizards

· Lvl 20 to 34 — Minotaurs

· Lvl 42+ — Moss Giants

· Lvl 65+ — Demons

· Lvl 76+ — Ankou

OldSchool RuneScape Ranged Training (Members)

Rs2hot osrs 1-99 ranged guide 

OSRS truly opens up with the premium subscription. Players can choose from a multitude of weapons and the arrow/bolt type. In fact, players gain access to newer weapons such as cannons, darts, and even throwing knives.

Pay-to-Play Ranged Equipment

Just like the F2P side, players must aim for some decent armors with stat bonuses, which as a result, helps the player sustain a lot longer when farming. Our recommended list of gears is basically:




Vambraces, Leather Cowl, and Chaps


Leather Cowl, Chaps, Hardleather Body


Leather Vambraces, Coif, and Body


Snakeskin Armor


Green D’hide Armor and Ava’s Accumulator


Blue D’hide Armor


Red D’hide Armor


Black D’hide Armor along with Ava’s Assembler


Armadyl Armor (Higher Def)


Void Armor


With the premium subscription, amulets also become available with a wider variety of options to select from. For us, the Amulet of Glory stands tall amongst the other amulets. However, the likes of the Amulet of Fury and Necklace of Anguish, will also provide the stat bonus you might be seeking.

Player-to-player level 1-99

The setup guide lays out a road map for the individual players, advising them to begin with questing from levels 1-32. Not only does this save you time, but it will also help you reach lvl32 quite fast.

Rock Crabs are inordinate means for generating tons of experience and gold. Needless to say, the weapons mentioned below will help you ensure a seamless leveling experience.

· Dorgeshuun Crossbow

· Throwing Knives

· Adamant Darts

· Rune Crossbow with broad bolts


Level 50+

Alright, so, possibly the fastest way of leveling Ranged in Oldschool RuneScape comes from flinging Chinchompas at the enemy monkeys on Ape Atoll. Just don’t forget to wear gear that increases your range, and you’ll be hitting lvl99 pretty quick.

Level 75+

If Chinchompas aren’t doing it for you, then a great alternative would be Cannoning Dagonnoths, followed by using the blowpipe to gain a steady experience of 175,000 xp/hour.

Level 75+

Alas, another great way of leveling Ranged would be through using blowpipes in the Nightmare Zone. The option is quite affordable if compared to the Chinchompas, however, it also requires the players to have some decent to high-tier gear, plus, the experience gained is quite low compared to the other two alternatives.  

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