3 Reasons You Should Buy OSRS Infernal Cape from RS2Hot [Wednesday, April 07, 2021]

Old School RuneScape has ton of items that actually make you look a lot cooler while also grant you a ton of abilities. Now these items are quite rare and expensive to own in the game and some of these items are capes. And although there are many capes that you can buy but when it comes to the most powerful cape in OSRS, it’s the Infernal Cape or Inferno but that also makes it a lot more expensive.

And if you want to be the one to stand out than the rest of the other players while having all that immense power, you should definitely get yourself one of these. And keeping in mind the price of Infernal Cape, we are here to tell you about a site where you can get yourself an Infernal Cape for half of its original price! But before we move any further, let’s talk about what Infernal Cape actually is.


What is Infernal Cape?

Well, to put in simple words, an Infernal cape is a superior variant of the Fire Cape that happens to posses to much more offensive as well as defensive bonuses. Infernal cape is in fact the most powerful cape in the game and to put things into perspective here is the list of all the stats of Infernal Cape.

For Attack Bonuses:
+4 Stab
+4 Slash
+4 Crash
+4 Magic
+4 Ranged

As for the Defense bonuses:
+12 Stab
+12 Slash
+12 Crush
+12 Magic
+12 Ranged


Why Should you Buy Infernal Cape from RS2Hot?

There are a ton of reason why you should buy Infernal Cape from RS2Hot but I am going to give you the 3 best reasons why you should do it.

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Half Price

One of the most important reasons why you should buy the Infernal Cape from RS2Hot is because it is giving away the Infernal Cape at only half of the original price which is the best price you can get for Infernal Cape anywhere on the internet, if you make the purchase from the same account as before. (Cape for old customer 89.99$ and 119.99$)

And if you decide to buy 2 Infernal Capes, you will get 50% discount on the second Infernal Cape.

Being expensive is one of the reasons why players don’t want to buy the Infernal Cape or either they are spending way too much but with RS2Hot that won’t be the problem anymore.


Safe Transaction

One of the other reasons why you should do it on RS2Hot is that you will still get more than just a good deal. We promise that the Infernal Cape you purchase from us would be completely legit and we also guarantee the security of your account. Furthermore, your personal details will be perfectly secured in many respects over the course of your order, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.


Extremely Reliable

Many players have trouble getting through to the team and we think its crucial to be in touch with the buyer and provide as much help as we can no matter when and where. We are there for you at any time of the day for all the 7 days in a week.

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