Agility Skill [Thursday, January 31, 2013]

Clicking on the book on your side interface brings up the Ability Book. Clicking on the Magic tab will show all of the spells (and abilities) available to you within your chosen spellbook (see Spellbooks).

If the picture of a spell is darkened, it means that either you do not have a high-enough level to cast it, or you do not have the runes in your inventory to do so.

To cast any spell, just left-click on its icon and then click on your desired target. Some spells can only be cast on monsters and players, while others can only be cast on yourself or items.

To get more information on a spell, simply move your mouse cursor over its icon.

You can use the 4 sub tabs to select either Magic abilities, combat-spells, teleports and skilling-spells.

A description of the spell and a list of which runes are required will be shown when you move your mouse over it. Each required rune has a number shown below a picture of it. This indicates how many of that rune is required in order to cast the spell. The number will be in red when you do not have enough of those runes.

There are two ways of casting combat spells. If you left-click on a spell in your ability book you will cast it on your current target once. With a right-click you can 'autocast' it, this means it will replace your auto-attack until one of the following occurs: you elect to stop, you cast another spell, the opponent is defeated, or your rune supply runs out. While a spell is selected as an 'autocast spell' - it will have an outline around it on your magic spellbook - you will autocast that spell when you target your next opponent.

To stop selecting your autocast spell is very simple: just right-click its icon in your spellbook and select 'Auto-cast' again.

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