Are You Ready for OSRS Raids Which is Coming on 5th January? [Thursday, December 22, 2016]

Raids will soon be making their way into Old School and they are going to be a true PvM challenge. Of course, the rewards worth overcoming the immense challenge. Are you ready for Raids which coming on 5th January?

Ready to receive awesome rewards in OSRS Raids as a drop

There are many awesome rewards in Raids which make it's worth to spending more time on playing. For example, the robes would be a must-have for high level mages across Old School. They would be sure to make your trips to raids worthwhile if you were lucky enough to receive them as a drop.

Additionally, to receive these rewards, you should meet some requirements such as skills level and more. If you still don't complete these well, you may need to buy cheap OSRS gold to achieve success in the quests more efficiently.

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The RS2hot Team