Balthazar's Big Raffle of Runescape [Tuesday, August 29, 2017]

The Runescape Welfare came "Balthazar's Big Raffle"  ,so many prizes here ,Warpriest Armour ,Golden Godswords,  and Deathtouch Darts ,those more to  grabs the prize :high Quantity

Balthazar's Big Raffle
Monday Golden Godsword  2,500
Tuesday Two portable deposit boxes 40,000
Wednesday Three large protean packs 20,000
Thursday Golden Warpriest armour set  5,000
Friday Three deathtouched darts 20,000
Saturday  Golden Barrows (Guthans, Ahrims, Veracs, Akrisae) 3,500
Sunday Golden Barrows (Dharoks, Karils, Torags, Akrisae)  3,500

The activities times :August 29th --- October 2nd 
Please  collect  the Gilly’s clown outfit ,please using your raffle tokens!

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