Best OSRS Money Making Guide 2021 [Tuesday, March 16, 2021]

Old School Runescape is the ideal game you are not a fan of the complexity in Runescape 3. OSRS brings the much-loved aspects of the game in their finest forms and the improvements and updates it has gotten over the years only have only made it better. One major reason why players would choose to play or not play the game is its grind. Unlike Runescape 3, OSRS is grind-focused, and leveling up is an investment you make in the game through dedication and commitment. Experience farming is quite hardcore than the more vanilla Runescape 3 grind and money-making is quite the same. However, if done right, this grind can be minimized to an extent and you will see yourself getting richer eventually. This article will be going over methods you can use to make money faster and more efficiently in the game, fitting all player skill levels.

Ways to Make Money in OSRS

In the game, there are plenty of money-making skills and methods you can use. Some require high skill levels and some can be done by even newbies. While higher skill techniques pay out tons of money, lower-level techniques can get you enough money to get you going. Nevertheless, most techniques you can use to make money are quite efficient and can minimize your grind to both save your time and yourself from frustration.

Some of the known methods to make money in OSRS are as follows:

· Skilling methods – Making money with basic skills such as smithing, fletching, cooking, farming, etc.

· Flipping method – Making money using the Grand Exchange feature. This is a high-risk high-reward strategy to make money.

· PvM method – Player vs. Monster is the ideal way to earn massive amounts of money at once. Defeating monsters, especially in higher levels pay-out more money.

Skilling Methods

There are many skills in OSRS you can pursue to make quite a sum of money. While most of them generate considerable amounts of money on different levels, there are some that stand out from the rest. There are plenty of skills you can use to make mony but the following are some of the most profitable and famous skilling money makers in the game.

· Smithing (Blast furnace)

· Cooking (Cooking Karambwans)

· Thieving (Pickpocketing Elves)

· Hunter (Bird house trapping)

· Runecrafting (Astral runes)

Smithing (Blast furnace) - Low-risk low-effort method

Smithing is one of the first skills you master early into the game. You can start generating money through this from as low as level 30 smithing. However, using the blast furnace isn’t as profitable early into the game because you need to spend 2,500 Gold Pieces for every 10 minutes you use the furnace. Once you get to level 60 smithing, smelting various materials such as steel bars (650K/h), Adamantite bars (950K/h), and Runite bars (850K/h).

Cooking (Cooking Karambwans) – AFK method

Not all players enjoy actively clicking in the game to do tasks so AFK methods are ideal for them. Cooking is one of the easier skills to level up and you can cook Karambwans to make easy money even at low levels. You can start this method at level 30 cooking and this method can generate up to 230K an hour even without you needing to actively play the game. However, it is recommended that you are level 90 or higher in cooking to really make this profitable.

Thieving (Pickpocketing Elves) – Most profitable method

This is easily the best way to generate quick money in the game. However, the requirements for this method are relatively higher. You need at least level 85 or higher thieving skill to start using this method and it is recommended to have level 99 thieving in order to get the zero-fail rate in this method. If you have Ardougne hard diaries completed, level 99 thieving, level 93 herblore, and the full Rogue's outfit, you can easily pickpocket up to 500 elves per hour. This way you can earn up to 3 million Gold Pieces per hour.

Hunter (Bird house trapping) – Best beginner-friendly method

Once you have completed the Bone Voyage quest, you can start using this method to make easy money even without having to play the game continuously. You can make up to 500K or more a day by logging in every 50 minutes to harvest nests as it takes around that much time to trap birds.

Runecrafting (Astral runes) – Most consistent method

Runecrafting is probably the best or the second-best skilling money maker in the game. It is comparatively easier to master and really profitable too. There are plenty of methods in this skill tree you can pursue to make a lot of money in the game but running Astral runes stand out from them all. You can easily make up to 1.5 million per hour using this method and the XP you get out of this method is also quite handsome.

Hunter (Hunting Black Chinchompas)

Even though hunter skill generates quite a low profit, it can make you a rich man at higher levels. And hunting Black Chinchompas is currently the most profitable method you can make money with the hunter skill. You need level 80 hunter skill to start using this method. However, hunting for Black Chinchompas can be extremely risky as you need to actively wander in the wilderness to catch them. Nevertheless, if done right you can earn up to 1.6 million per hour. If you do not want to take the extreme risk that comes with this method, you can opt to hunt Red Chinchompas instead, which will make around 900K an hour.

Flipping Method

Flipping is a very good way to make money but it comes with great risks, also with similarly high rewards. Using Grand Exchange in the game can be a bit more profitable than you think if you do it properly. Flipping is simply using this GE feature in-game to sell items for a higher price than you paid for. If you know how to flip properly and what items to flip, you can start making huge profits in no time. Using this method can be a little tricky so patience is the key to make the right decisions. It can be less profitable at first but once you get the gist, you can start making millions regularly. Following is a simple guide to get you started:

1. Find the items you need to flip and sort them out. Popular items are the way to go as they are constantly in demand in the market. Some popular flipping items include Zulrah drops, Potions, Barrows items, PK items, and PVM items such as whip, toxic trident, fury, etc.

2. Manually check the profit margins to see an item’s potential. This basically means that you will have to buy items at higher prices and sell them at lower values to understand their true potentials and decide whether if it is worth flipping. This is a little confusing so refer to in-depth guides regarding this step for a better understanding.

3. Refer to the buyer’s history when doing bigger flips as some people can be dodgy. This is for security reasons and it is optional.

PvM Method

The player vs monster method is the most fun and profitable way to earn up some quick money in OSRS. You get to make tons of money while actively engaging in the game and defeating bosses can also add to your overall experience with the game and your friends. The best part about this method is that the game has many monsters and bosses you can beat and the list gets updated incase you get bored of beating the same monsters. Following are some of the most profitable PvM methods you can use to get rich pretty quickly.

· Killing the Alchemical Hydra – 3,859,000 GP profit

· Theatre of Blood – 3,649,000 GP profit

· Killing The Nightmare – 3,481,000 GP profit

· Completing The Corrupted Gauntlet – 3,445,000 GP profit

· Killing Vorkath - 3,201,000 GP profit (Dragon hunter lance)

There are plenty of other bosses and raids you can complete to find heaps of money in OSRS. However, the profit you make in all of these methods can vary according to how you execute the combat, your group size, and the luck.

What is the Ideal Method for You?

The methods you can make money in OSRS don’t simply limit to the ones mentioned in this guide. There are plenty of other methods apart from the above-mentioned ones. Apart from the above methods, you can also try looting drops by players in PvP areas which is fairly convenient and easy. All of the techniques mentioned in this guide can be useful to various players in many different ways. Some of you might have just started the game and some of you might be higher-level and experienced players. Either way, this guide can assist you to decide which method is ideal for you and kick start your journey in the amazing world of OSRS. For example, skilling methods are probably the way to go if you are a beginner. They also give you experience along with the GP and this can help you in leveling up your skills faster. If you aren’t in for active methods, you can opt for AFK methods such as Bird house trapping and cooking Karambwans. If you are looking for a challenge and a quick way to get richer, the Flipping method and the PvM methods are ideal for you. Start making money smarter in OSRS today onwards!

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