Chaos Elemental RS3 Boss Guide 2021 [Thursday, April 08, 2021]

RuneScape 3 has ton of different bosses sitting at different difficulty levels and the one that we are going to talk about is the Chaos Elemental Boss. We are going to go through each and every detail in how to defeat Chaos Elemental and exactly what items we are going to need in order to do that. Let’s get started:

The chaos elemental boss sure is one of the oldest bosses in RuneScape and sits at level 305. Chaos Elemental also has life points worth 17,250 and we can also get the boss pet Ele by getting a rib of chaos drop from the chaos elemental.

Now if we talk about the difficulty, its actually pretty easy to kill Chaos Elemental and with the right equipment and stuff it can be done within a matter of seconds meaning in no time we can have the chaos elemental pet but that’s not the problem here, the actual problem lies within the environment where you get to fight with Chaos Elemental in the castle metal which is located in level 50+ wilderness which means it's going to be very hard to escape if you're found by PKyers.

Requirements for Chaos Elemental
Now that we know the risks and possibilities, let's move ahead and find out if we require any skills and items to get started. Now actually, you don't require much as per the requirements are concerned but however for the sake of best practices, I would recommend for killing it and farming it for the pet you have: 
* 80+ combat stats 
* Tier 80 weapons
* 92 prayer
* 96 Herblore

Now moving on to what we need for our gear setup. Well, actually considering the fact that the Chaos Elemental will be too deep in the wilderness where escaping will be much more harder, that is why it’d make sense if you went with something a little more cheap compared to more expensive gear that you’d definitely don’t want to loss.

And as killing the boss himself won’t be much of problem it’d be better if we treaded light, so for the gear, go for something that’s worth less than a mill for the set, combine it with a phoenix necklace for better protection and make sure to be super effective against Chaos Elemental you’d need to have some sort of ranged weapon as Chaos Elemental is vulnerable to range.

Chaos Elemental Rewards
Now if we talk about what you get in the drops for killing CE. The Chaos Elemental's most valuable drops are the Chaos Runes, Death Runes, and Blood Runes, which are where the majority of the money would come from, and the Dragon 2h Sword, which is dropped at a 1 in 128 chance. However, the Chaos Elemental does have an extremely rare chance of dropping all of the Revenant items.

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