Corrupted Platebody: A Newly Added Item in OSRS [Thursday, December 22, 2016]

A player named " Zer0requiem" who got a corrupted platebody during one small favour. Many players feel confused about what the Corrupted Platebody is and how to obtain it efficiently in game. Actually, it's a newly added item and it's not in any old item databases. Here are more information about it. Follow us to grow and learn more than you know.

What the corrupted platebody is?

The corrupted platebody is an item obtainable by speaking to Horvik with a pestle and mortar and an air rune during the Christmas corrupt cluefest. It is part of the corrupted armour set, and has stats identical to that of an iron platebody.

To anyone wondering about the legitimacy of this item, it is a real item in the cache and it was added in right after all of the Holiday event items. Here are all of the item images:

How to obtain it efficiently in game?

There will be some clues put out over social media in next two weeks, somewhat similar to crack the clue but considerably easier. Bit of a raids teaser basically. Keep an eye on the old school twitter! Currently, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Talk with "Horvik" with an air rune and pestle mortar in your inventory.

2. Feel free to come Jagex social clanchat "Divine Valor" if you would like to find clues for the other items as well.

Of course, there are other names of the Corrupted Platebody such as the Christmas corrupt cluefest or the ccc. Since most players have great interest and curiosity about the new items, you should pay more attention to the latest news. Hopefully you can find out Corrupted Platebody Items in OSRS successfully.

The RS2HOT Team