Deadman Season IV Has Begun - Buy Deadman Season IV Gold Immediately [Monday, December 19, 2016]
Long - anticipated Deadman Season IV has begun. Time to stock enough cheap deadman season IV gold to fight for the top 2000. As we all know, the top 2000 Deadmen in this season will qualify for the next Deadman Invitational Tournament and have a chance to win $10000!

There are some different contents in this Deadman Season

According to the feedback from most players, Jagex did some new changes of the Deadman Season IV. In Season IV, Jagex introduced a new mechanic whereby you will have 10x XP gain in any skill you lose xp in via death, up to the highest xp total you have ever achieved in that skill.

Additionally, to smooth out the initial experience, Jagex will be delaying the availability of some content. Ancient Magicks will be unavailable until 1 week into the Season and the Barrows Minigame will be unavailable for the first 2 weeks of the season.

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