Details of Balthazar's Big Raffle -September [Tuesday, September 05, 2017]

Have you now Join the "Balthazar's Big Raffle" in-game,
Lots of prizes ,for E.g :
Warpriest Armour
Deathtouched Darts
Golden Godswords

What's more ,every week have different prize ,how to use those  tickets which up to you!
still to 2nd of October  :
 Every day have two raffle tickets:Balthazar &Gilly Willikers the clown


The Advantage of Double XP Weekend
If you not the winner,five tickets then get the outfit of Gilly's clown, that bestow a small prismatic star for the unsuccessful tickets 
The the clown With two ways :
a) you can by Asgarnia  and Misthalin is that capering around
b) Daily challenges,But you must completing it !


The next Double XP Weekend -well-being
please make that  you've  save :make the  lamps&stars rounding  up  now !
The Time of XP extravaganza  :
From 12:00 UTC Friday the 15th until 12:00 UTC Monday the 18th of September.


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The RS2HOT Team !