Do you want PvP worlds in OSRS? [Wednesday, October 16, 2013]

Poll 11 about PvP worlds is now open. Jagex said that the initial plan for PvP worlds is deliberately basic. Players would be able to fight other players across the game world for the loot that they're carrying, but Jagex are not yet proposing to add any new high-level weapons or armour. There's quite a lot of that coming from the God Wars Dungeon next week already.

Do you want PvP worlds in OSRS? Jagex are also offering some smaller quality-of-life updates, how do you think of this adjustment? Please feel free to say anything about PvP worlds and you can comment below. We will pick 10 lucky guys and each will be given 0.5M 2007 Gold. Winners will be informed via email before 17th of October.

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