Early Access of RuneScape Mobile Now in 2019 [Thursday, October 31, 2019]

Old School RuneScape Mobile has out on the Google Play Store!  The moment so many of you are waiting for is here - RuneScape Mobile Early Access is now available for ALL RuneScape members on Android! Get it on Google Play

With the user cap completely lifted, RuneScape Mobile Early Access is everyone's chance to play the full RuneScape MMORPG experience on your smartphone. Be the among the first adventurers to skill on the subway, quest in a queue or grind in the garden! Be on the frontline as RuneScape Mobile rapidly evolves into the definitive portable Gielinor adventure. And perhaps most importantly, all Early Access players will receive the coveted exclusive Mobile Founder's pack! More details on that below.

RuneScape Mobile is every bit as rich and deep an experience as desktop RuneScape. Plus, with full cross-platform play, you can continue your entire adventure whether you're on desktop or out and about.

Early Access is a superb chance to try out all of the changes we've made for mobile, and to give us feedback to help shape the game's development ahead of the official launch in 2020.

Exclusive Founder's Pack
Be a mobile pioneer with RuneScape Mobile Early Access and you'll unlock the exclusive Mobile Founder’s Pack containing a sleek Steel Panther Combat Pet, a unique mobile-themed rest animation and the dazzling Radiant Dawn Armour. You’ll look sensational as you’re saving the world.


To access RuneScape Mobile Early Access, you’ll need RuneScape membership.
Members get access to an even bigger world to explore, including over six times as many quests and 10 exciting new skills. And of course, membership applies across devices.
You’ll need a device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.
Not on Android? No problem – sign up here for news about the upcoming iOS release later next year. And don't worry - iOS players will also be rewarded.

Key Features
If you've not played the Mobile version of RuneScape before, or even if you've just not played it for a while, check out the app now to see all the improvements we've added to the experience including:
1. A brand new user interface designed specifically for mobile players;
2. Lots of under-the-hood improvements based on all the feedback they've received from players;
3. Significant optimisations for smoothness and usability;
4. All the latest gameplay additions such as the recently released Bank Improvements.

Download RuneScape Mobile Now
Do you like RuneScape Mobile? RuneScape Mobile Early Access is an evolving title. The game will be constantly updated but the more feedback they receive from you, the faster they can make this game the best possible RuneScape Mobile experience.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Google Play Store now to download RuneScape Mobile Early Access and take your adventures with you everywhere. You can buy cheap Runescape Gold from www.rs2hot.com at any time.

The Rs2hot Team