Enjoy 5% Off and Free 10M OSRS Gold for Easter events 2019 [Thursday, April 18, 2019]

Hello, adventurer! Tired of killing cows for their hides? Or maybe you need to take a break from all those Theatre of Blood runs?OSRS Easter Event 2019 is active from April 11, and now you can find the Easter bunny to join in this event and obtain the Giant Easter egg OSRS, bunnyman mask and other rewards.

Easter egg

Easy & quick guide for OSRS Easter Event Start
To embark on this fun quest you first need to talk to the Easter Bunny north of Falador. You will need to save easter: the Easter Bunny will ask you to help with some egg making machine fuel scarcity problems. 
1. To start OSRS Easter event, head to north of Falador and talk to the Easter Bunny.
2. Collect three items(Hosidius milk, Dried cocoa, Special spices) that Easter Bunny requires. First you can obtain the Hosidius milk by speaking to the Cook in Lumbridge and answering a riddle.
-Riddle 1: I am round, yet not a perfect sphere. I can be cracked and not have anything inside. What am I? Answer: an Easter Egg.
-Riddle 2: Filling me with eggs bad, but I’ll make a case for it. Answer: a basket.
-Riddle 3: I leave my home only once a year, but do not give any Christmas cheer. Who am I? Answer: Easter Bunny.
-Riddle 4: When dark and bitter, drink me warm in the winter. Answer: chocolate.
3. Obtain the Dried cocoa by talking to the travelling merchant in Shantay Pass. You need to deliver him a crate of baskets, which can be found by speaking to the shopkeeper in the Al-Kharid General Store.
4. Obtain the Special spices by bringing Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village some fine red silk. The fine red silk can be made by bringing fine silk and a tomato to Aggie, who can be found in the house east.
5. Return to the Easter Bunny after obtaining all these items.
6. Head to the Falador Party Room and bring the chocolate mixture(u) to Party Pete. Once Party Pete turns the mixture into choco serum, return to the Easter Bunny and bring the choco serum to him. OSRS Easter Event 2019 will be complete!

Gain Giant Easter egg OSRS & more rewards
After completing this OSRS Easter 2019 event, you will receive a Giant Easter egg OSRS and 2 noted Easter eggs. You can use a hammer on the Giant Easter egg to get the bunnyman mask.
You can also obtain some other rewards from previous Easter events, such as the bunny ears, rubber chicken and chicken outfit.

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Hope our OSRS Easter Event 2019 guide can help you to complete this event. Easily find and get cheap OSRS gold from RS2hot and enjoy the Easter holiday!