Enjoy 7% Free DMM Summer Gold with DMM Summer Season 2019 [Monday, April 01, 2019]

With the DMM Spring Finals 2019 going on heated, the new OSRS DMM Summer Season 2019 is officially live! This Summer, you’ll have access to potions like Super Combat, double drops of NPCs like Revenants, other interesting changes in game, as well as cheap DMM Summer Season gold 2019 from us.

DMM Spring Finals 2019  End
Starting from 3:00 PM on Mar. 23, you may have seen how your favorite player competed for the prize. Will your hero finally fight his way to be the hero of heroes? Check at 8:00 PM on Mar. 30. And if you want to closely experience the heated atmosphere, you can watch the final competition at ESL Studio in Leicester. The finale of the Spring final will be a ticket-free event.
Prepare for DMM Summer Season 2019

DMM Summer Season 2019 Information
The excitement of your favorite player’s winning in Spring Finals will never overshine the excitement for enjoying the new Summer Season. Starting at latest at 10:00 PM on Mar. 30, the new Season will runs all the way till 2nd May.
In the new season, you’ll see the following adjustments:
More potions have been added to the Bounty Hunter store. The following potions added are:
Super Combat - cost 30,000 points
Extended Antifire - cost 5,000 points
Zamorak Brew - cost 25,000 points
Magic - cost 8000 points
Antidote ++ - cost 3,000 points
In a weekly basis, different NPCs will have double drops for their uniques:
Week 1 - Revenants
Week 2 - Barrows
Week 3 - Godwars Bosses
Week 4 - Wildy Bosses
Players will all unlock the following on set days during the Summer Season:
Day 7 - Quests, Barrows, and 6 hour immunity
Day 14 - Ancient Magicks

At the end of the Season,  the top players will be invited to compete in the Deadman Summer Finals, details of which will be communicated at a later date. Anybody can play in the Summer Season, all you need to compete is Membership!
If you admire the glory of the DMM Spring Finals winner, why don’t you join in the DMM Summer Season 2019 yourself? You can find more information regarding the Summer Season located here. You also have cheap DM Seasonal gold 2019 from us.

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