Enjoy Free OSRS Accounts for Mother’s Day Giveaway [Friday, May 10, 2019]

Will you buy gifts and some beautiful carnations for your mom on Mother’s Day this year? To celebrate that day, we will offer Mother’s Day Special Gift with free osrs account from May 10. And when you play with your fellow, don’t forget to send your mom a carnation and a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

When can you enjoy up to free RS 07 accounts?
Our Mother’s Day Special Gift event will run from May 10 to June 10, 2019. During this event, everyone have the chance to enjoy 5% discounts for cheap OSRS gold, RS gold and other products. This special treat will occur on the same as the Mother’s Day.

How to get the free OSRS Account?
You must place a MINIMUM of 10 orders equal to 200USD in total to be eligible for the promotion.
1. 200USD+, a free acc with (60att/60str/60def or rng 60 only)                                        
2. 300USD+, a free acc with (70 rng only)    
3. 500USD+, a free acc with (80 mag pure or 80 rng only)
4. 1000USD+, a free acc with (40att/89str/1def )   
5. 2000USD+, a free acc with (70att/99str/70def or 90 rng only)
6. The highest spending customer at the end of the promotion will receive a free  acc with(40att/90str/1def/90rng)

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The Rs2hot Team