Enjoy Guilded Eggstravaganza and Chickaxe & special Easter Armour [Tuesday, April 16, 2019]

The RS Easter event 2019 runs from April 15th, involving a small quest Guilded Eggstravaganza, the currency event with Chickaxe and Easter armour as rewards and other fun activities. Gielinor’s guilds have turned up to show off their assorted and sometimes peculiar wares. To complete the quest, find Gielinor’s guilds and help them with some tasks.The best in show will win a special prize!

The Guilded Eggstravaganza
Tasks in this temporary Easter quest include:
1. Cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild.
Creating swordsharkuna (a tuna, inside a swordfish, inside a shark – borderline inedible, questionably unethical!) for the Fishing Guild.
2. Helping the Crafting Guild decorate an elaborate ornate egg.
Note that players do not need to be a member of a guild to do its part of the quest. Oh, and make sure to take a really close look at that prize egg, won’t you?

New changes of The Guthix Butterflies
The normal butterfly daily cap has now be reduced from 20 to 10, and the xp per catch doubled.
There's now a new bonus xp butterfly to catch, the daily cap of these are 10, and they will provide 1.5x the xp that a normal butterfly provides.
Also, there's a super xp butterfly this has a daily cap of 1, and this provides 5x the xp that a normal butterfly provides.
Ironmen will not be able to receive bonus xp from the butterflies.

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe
As excited as the Easter Bunny is about the fete, he’s also a little worried – some previously undiscovered hidden eggs have hardened and crystallised over time. Crystallised fragment drop rates throughout this event will be better when skilling in and around the Springtime Fete area. To help you out, the guilds have provided a variety of skilling areas to work at.

Once all the fragments have been gathered together to form a giant egg, the Easter Bunny will do his thang and de-crystallise it, creating a small trove of goodies for all to enjoy!

Also - keep an eye out for the hidden eggs scattered around Gielinor, each of which contains a large crystallised chocolate fragment. Additional large fragments can be gained from completing side quests for the guilds.
Event rewards include the chickaxe and some special Easter armour.

Easter range coming to the Merch Store
It’s time to put on your Sunday Best for Easter, which in the world of RuneScape of course means donning a pair of Fancy Socks!This Thursday will releasing both a Limited Edition Easter Girl Pin and Fancy Socks on merch store.

Also coming to the Angels Scapes range is a Guthixian Butterfly Keyring: relive the Memories of Guthix with this Limited Edition (only 199 available) glow in the dark keyring. And for those who prefer to walk on the wild side, Angels Scapes Mystery Bags are also on the way. Each contains a random selection of 3 keyrings or pins from the Angels Scapes’s range – including a 1/10 chance to get a sold out Limited Edition loot!

And to celebrate the delightful milestone of achieving Mastery, we’re capping off this Easter merch update with a Level Up 99 solid antique brass keyring.These new items arrive on the Merch Store on Thursday April 18th.

Now it’s time to join in the Eastertime Fete during RuneScape Easter event 2019! Moreover, you could buy cheap RuneScape gold from professional website at any time.

The Rs2hot Team