Enjoy New Easter event of Grand Theft Cocoa & Rewards in 2020 [Friday, April 10, 2020]

Spring has sprung, and so have hundreds and thousands of bunny rabbits, hopping right out of a magical portal and straight into East Falador. Perhaps that troubled looking magician has something to do with it? You’d better skip over there and find out.

What is Easter Event?
Easter events are seasonal events that have taken place every Easter since 2002. Since 2005, all have involved the Easter Bunny; other NPCs have also been involved. Each event had rewards; these take the form of items and emotes. Each Easter event has allowed the player to unlock all prior events' emotes.

These might be unprecedented times, but that doesn’t stop the Easter celebrations in Gielinor!

As always, there are no membership or skill requirements to enjoy this special Easter event – just bring yourself (and perhaps a carrot or two). The event lasts from 6  to 15 April.

Grand Theft Cocoa is the 2020 Easter event. This year, imps have stolen the Easter Bunny's eggs and the player must find and return them to him. The event began on 8 April 2020.

How to Collecting eggs?
During the event, egg thieves can randomly appear when skilling with the message An Easter egg thief has appeared!, dropping two small piles and one huge pile (to the activating player only) on the ground. Collecting from a small pile yields 6–19 pilfered easter eggs, and collecting from a huge pile yields 101–149. The huge pile has a chance of yielding a jewelled egg that in turn rewards you up to 200-249 more eggs.

Handing in 10,000 eggs to the Easter Bunny rewards the player with the title hard-boiled, while handing in 10,000 eggs to the thieves gives the title the Poached.

An egg thief will spawn every five minutes when you skill. Gaining experience is not required for this to happen. They cannot spawn in certain areas such as instances but skilling in these areas will still reset the cool-down timer as if one had spawned.

Logging in during the event triggers the login message Mischievous Imps have stolen the Easter bunny's eggs! Collect them and hand them in to either Easter bunny or Caelyn near the Clan Camp for special Easter prizes.

You can get Easter backpack, Floppy bunny ears, Sheldon, Small sack of loot and Large sack of loot.

Sheldon is a pet unlocked by handing in 5,000 pilfered Easter eggs to the Easter Bunny during the 2020 Easter event. Its skin is the same as that of egg thieves from the same event. Interacting with Sheldon will give the player a chocolate egg.

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