Enjoy New RS Double XP Live Returning on February 19th 2021 [Sunday, February 07, 2021]

Double XP LIVE is the most relaxing way to make the most of the skill grind. Players will have a chance to enjoy 48 hours of double XP boost for Archaeology and other skills. There's no better time to develop your RuneScape skills than Double XP LIVE.

To get stuck in, simply log in at any time during the event. As soon as you're in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and will stop the moment you log out. By giving you the flexibility to use your XP time as you wish, there's no need to worry about pulling an all-nighter or compromising any of your plans. Take your time, relax and enjoy those lovely skill gains!

Blast through it all in one weekend or take the time to fit those gains around your real-life adventures - it's all up to you! Don't forget, you can now get Double XP from excavation and screening activities in Archaeology, and you'll get double the base Precision too.

RS Double XP Live returning in February 19th
According to the recent official news post, RS Double XP Live event will return in February, 2021. From February 19th to March 1st, you are able to enjoy 48 hours of double XP gain in the game. During RS Double XP event, members can enjoy a 100% XP bonus, while free-to-play players can enjoy 20% extra XP in all available skills.

Any Restrictions?
The Double XP LIVE boost is not applied to the XP earned through the following items or activities:

 - Assist system
 - XP lamps
 - Tomes of experience
 - Ectofuntus
 - Cremation
 - Dragon rider amulet
 - Auto-sanctifiers
 - Brawling gloves
 - Player-owned house altars
 - Wilderness Chaos altar
 - Dungeoneering wildcards
 - Sacred clay
 - Urns
 - Ancient effigies

It also does not apply to XP rewards given on hand-in for the following activities:

 - Quests
 - Daily Challenges
 - Jade Vine
 - Strange and golden rocks
 - Other Distractions & Diversions
 - Harvesting animal produce from Player-Owned Farms

It does not apply to XP awarded on hand-in of points or tokens. Examples:

 - Slayer point rewards
 - Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets
 - Dungeoneering tokens

The Archaeology & Invention skill benefits differently to others:

 - Base Precision will be doubled (this means double projects per hour from excavation).
 - Excavation & Screening XP are doubled
 - Players will not receive Double XP from restoring artefacts, tomes, research, mysteries or pylons.

 - Item XP is gained at +50%
 - Making items on a workbench (charge packs, siphons etc) gives +50% improved XP
 - Disassembling random items (logs, potions etc) will give +50% improved XP
 - Disassembling/siphoning equipment does not give improved XP

Ironman accounts do not receive an XP boost on Double XP Weekend.

Finally, while stored Bonus XP itself is not boosted, it is still awarded alongside the boost from Double XP Weekend. So a member training a skill with stored Bonus XP on Double XP Weekend will receive +200% base XP.

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The RS2hot Team