Enjoy New Zodi-Yak Track Event and Earn Rewards for Runescape [Thursday, March 26, 2020]

Happy! Today’s horoscope suggests that there might be a special someone in your future, with long, luscious hair, a strong, calming presence and – yes, we’re reading this correctly – a giant telescope mounted on their back. It’s the Zodi-yak, and he’s here to take you on a trip through the cosmos!

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What is RS Zodi-yak Track?
Zodi-yak Track is an event which allows players to earn rewards by completing tasks, which started on 23 March 2020, and will end on 3 May 2020. It featured two prize tracks, free and premium, the latter of which gave a larger number of prizes. Players could unlock the premium track by having an active Premier Club membership or by buying a Premier Pass using two bonds. Now hurry up and log in – it’s almost time for lift-off!

Players can complete either task to progress to the next tier. Task requirements are based on the player's level in the task skill, as well as if they are free-to-play or pay-to-play. Free-to-play players only have the options of free-to-play skills as tasks, whilst members have a mixture of free-to-play and members skills. New to the Zodi-yak Track are joint tasks; these tasks show two skills in a single task choice, and actions from either skill will progress the task.

Players can skip tiers by using task skips. Everyone initially has two task skips, and more can be purchased with bonds via the store.

Rewards of RS3 Zodiyak Track
Completing the Yak Track Tasks will get you a galaxy of stellar rewards themed around Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini. As always, you’ll be able to choose the task you prefer, but this time around we’ve spiced things up with joint tasks, which allow you to complete the same task with your choice of two different skills.

In the second week of the Yak Track, 25 brand-new Archaeology tasks will go live, so you needn’t worry about missing out on RuneScape’s newest skill!

Remember, anyone can access the rewards on the Free Track, which include the Dioscuri Battlemage Outfit, the Cosmic Teleport, and the Ram Horns. If you’re after the Cosmic Yak, the Sheratan Mercenary Armour, or Cosmic Billy, though, you’ll need to purchase a Premier Pass. Of course, if you’re a Premier Club member, you’ll get access to both reward tracks from the off.

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The Rs2hot Team