Enjoy Upcoming Player Owned Farm changes [Thursday, July 25, 2019]

This week is all about getting your hands dirty. Slaying dragons may be what the fine folk at the Flying Horse Inn are gossiping about, but raising dragons is the calling of the truly bold. So bring not your armour and your sword – it’s time to grab some dirty overalls and a mucking fork and get stuck into the wonderful world of farming!

What is Player Owned Farm?

Player Owned Farm is a brand new way to work on your Farming Skill, and was one of the most sought after requests from the community Build-a-Backlog poll. The update comes courtesy of the Judges team, with frequent help and direction from the RuneScape community who spent many hours nattering away with Mod Raven and Mod Rowley in the RuneScape Player Owned Farm Discord channel.

RS team been monitoring the content since release, along with your feedback, and feel like the activity is giving out too much Farming experience - heavily devaluing other training methods.

Player Owned Farm changes

As a result they're going to be making the following changes which will go live in about a month from this post:
1. Experience from Player Owned Farms is now modified by the health and happiness of the animal on checking, ranging from 10% to 70% of the original value, based on how well cared for the animal is.
2. Breeding in non-breeding pens is 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, the current breeding rate remains the same in the breeding pen.
3. Food rate has been modified, so small animals each need 1 food every 18 minutes, medium animals need 3 food every 36 minutes and large animals each 6 food every 54 minutes.
4. Trait hereditary nature has been increased. It is now easier to breed traits into animals born on the Player Owned Farm.
5. Shiny boosting traits have all been doubled in effectiveness.
6. Alongside these changes, a number of bugs have fixed to try and address those little annoying issues while on the Farm itself.

The feedback changes will still make Player Owned Farm the top method for Farming experience, however you'll be required to have a bit of upkeep on your Farm to benefit from the best experience.

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