Father's Day 2020: Enjoy Free OSRS Gold and Saradomin godsword [Thursday, June 11, 2020]

Your Father's Day is coming this year. Are you planning to prepare a cool gift for your father? To celebrate that special day, Here are RS2hot Father's Day promotions and OSRS project giveaways! Do you like free OSRS Gold or items? Join US Now!


When Can You Enjoy Free OSRS Items?

The special gift for Father's Day will be held from 12nd to 29th June, 2020. During this event, you can enjoy the gift for each rs 07 gold order.


How To Get Free OSRS Items From Rs2hot?

In the upcoming Benefits purchase. Everyone can make purchase many times, once an order amount has reached, you can get the corresponding free goods. There are have Four Free Items for all osrs gamers on the upcoming father's Fay promotion.

You can get all of them:
(1) 1M OSRS Gold over $20.
(2) 3M OSRS Gold over $50.
(3) Armadyl godsword over $100.
(4) Saradomin godsword over $200.

 Tips: please don't forget to choose the free gold or item when you make the order during the event.


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RS2hot team