Festive Rewards of OSRS Christmas 2019 Holiday Event [Tuesday, December 17, 2019]

Angry children have gathered in Varrock and it seems like they’re protesting against something. But who’s that jolly looking fellow standing beside them? Why, that’s Santa! What on Gielinor is going on here?
Speak to Santa by the Varrock fountain to learn what epic quest awaits you this year. Cement your place on his nice list to earn an all-new Christmas reward – plus, you’ll also receive all of the event items from Christmasses past!

Now join in OSRS Christmas Event 2019 and gain the gingerbread shield, Christmas cracker and other Christmas-themed rewards.

OSRS Christmas 2019 Guide
1. Talk to the kids protesting;
2. Talk to Santa;
3. Run to south of apothacary building and talk to the worried baker;
4. Return to Santa and hold space through all the cutscenes - you should be in the christmas house now after using the auto using the scaperune tablet;
5. Finding the key: Talk to the door (with 2 npc's stuck);
6. Search a crate, then Talk to the door again;
7. Go into the southern room and take 3 pots (then fill with flour in corner), 3 cinnamen, 3 eggs, 3 festive branches;
8. Talk to the door then place all 3 of each item into the receiver;
9. Pull lever after 3 of each were added;
10. Collect shield off table;
11. Go through the barrier to ice monster and take the key;
12. Talk to door to release the captured;
13. Talk to paul to be returned to Varrok;
14. Return to Santa and collect your rewards.
OSRS Christmas Event 2019 complete!

OSRS Christmas Event 2019 Rewards
You will gain the following new rewards after completing OSRS Christmas 2019 event:
-Green gingerbread shield: The green gingerbread shield can be transformed into the red gingerbread shield if you right-click on it.
-Two partyhat sets
-Two Santa hats
-Two Christmas crackers: The Christmas cracker OSRS can be used for a partyhat and other items, including coins, runes and weapons.
In addition, you are able to obtain rewards from previous Christmas event by speaking to Diango OSRS, such as the Christmas tree costume, candy cane, snow imp costume,Yo-yo, etc.

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The Rs2hot Team