Free to play Old School Runescape [Friday, May 16, 2014]

It is in both our interest and your interest to ensure that F2P is delivered properly.

On the 27th May the JAGEX will start a F2P trial where all newly made accounts will have access to a F2P version of Old School for two weeks. all members of a series of new F2P worlds will be able to access. In order to limit any impact from gold farmers and bots the JAGEX will be disabling yew trees which are the primary targets for these 381-384 and world 393 ,394 will be free to play.But this is just an opportunity to grow the Old School community hugely by introducing F2P in the right way which is something we all want.

We must also be prepared to accept that if the JAGEX cannot find the right method, they can’t offer F2P as a permanent addition to Old School. Whichever way this goes, we are on the journey together !We offer enough RS gold and items for all of players.and if u want some Special service(such as rare items or Powerleveling) plz give us a meesage. we will do the best.

The Rs2hot Team