Gain Chickaxe with Easter Quest from RS Easter Event 2019 [Monday, April 01, 2019]

April is the month with exciting Easter holiday! It has been revealed there will be a temporary Easter quest and other fun activities for RS3 Easter event 2019, and you will have a chance to gain the Chickaxe and some Easter armours as the event rewards.And of course, besides the interesting Easter event in game, you can also expect more cheap RuneScape gold from us.

RS Easter 2019 with a temporary Easter quest

According to the Month Ahead for April, there will be a temporary Easter quest for RuneScape Easter event 2019. The Eastertime Fete can be found in the Lumbridge crater area from April 15.
Here are the tasks in RuneScape Easter quest:
1. Cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild;
2. Creating swordsharkuna, a tuna inside a swordfish and a shark, for the Fishing Guild;
3. Decorating an elaborate ornate egg for the Crafting Guild.
Note: Each part of this Easter quest can be completed even if you are not a member of the guild.

Find eggs for Easter bunny to win Easter armor & more

Besides the Easter quest, there is also an Easter Bunny during RuneScape Easter 2019. You will have a chance to obtain the pieces of some previously undiscovered eggs. These pieces are dropped through some skilling activities, and the drop rates will be better in and around the Springtime Fete area. Once you have collected all pieces of a giant egg, the Easter Bunny RuneScape will de-crystallise it and create a trove of goodies for you.
Some large crystallised chocolate fragments can be collected around Gielinor each day. You can also gain fragments from side quests for the guilds.

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The Rs2hot Team