Get Oddments Runescape worlds [Wednesday, August 02, 2017]

How to get more Prizes ?

Please clearing out your some old treasures, then to Seize the opportunity to get more prizes,and Oddments ,More cheap rs gold with 5% off discount to build your team . still read this text and find the coupon code !

What's the time ?
Keep in mind the time : 00:00 UTC on 2nd August until 23:59 UTC on 7th August at 2017 Years !

In the activities ,you can talk to Lady Niya ,prismatic counterparts could Replace it all lamps and stars , get more details,surprise !

The ways to get and use Prizes !

1, Use the Treasure Hunter keys and rewards,Sword of Raddallin, Energised Arm Cannons and the Mystical Staff to exchange Prizes , Just as members to get Silverhawk Boots and the Spring Cleaner , here the Oddments store!

2,The interface Could show how many Oddments you’ll get at the chests !
actions , the duration of the promotion to use gold coins and replace cash !

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