Giving Free RS Gold for All Players as Thanksgiving Gift in 2021 [Friday, November 19, 2021]

As Thanksgiving Day is coming in 2021, we have special gift for you to show our deep gratitude. From Nov. 12nd, giving RS Gold (RS07 GOLD & RS3 GOLD ) as a gift for all RS players on our site. Thanks all of you for your support!

When can you enjoy free RS Gold?

RS2hot Thanksgiving Special Event will run from November 12nd to December 12nd, 2021. Heralding an entire 30 days of the event for rs players to take advantage of. During this event, you could enjoy up to free OSRS Gold & RS Gold and more as a gift on our site.

How to get free OSRS Gold or RS Gold?

In the coming Thanksgiving, we will provide more than 1000B Free Runescape gold (100B*RS07 gold and 500B*RS3 gold) for everyone to use. You will have a chance to get at least 30M rs 2007 gold or 240M rs3 gold for free.

You must place a MINIMUM of 5 OSRS GP orders equal to 300$ in total to be eligible for the promotion.

1. 300$+,  Free 30M OSRS Gold;
                  Free 240M RS3 Gold ;

2. 1000$+,  Free 100M OSRS Gold;
                    Free 800M RS3 Gold;

3. 2000$+, Free 250M OSRS Gold;
                   Free 2000M RS3 Gold;

1. Please contact our live chat to inquire about your total order for one month.
2. The order must be from November 12th to December 12th.
3. Can be accumulated: If you have 10 orders. It can be disassembled and received twice.
For example, If you bought 12 orders and orders total amount is 1500$, you can receive 130M rs07 gold or 1040M rs3 gold. 
You can also not take the gold and wait to get 250M gold when you pay another 500$.

During the event, you can still use the 5% discount code (rs2hot) to buy osrs gold, rs gold, rs accounts, osrs leveling and osrs accounts, etc. Thanks all of you for your support!

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The RS2hot Team