Horror From the Deep Quick Quest Guide [Monday, August 16, 2021]

Jossik, the worker at the lighthouse protecting the coastline of Kandarin, has gone missing and consequently, the lighthouse has stopped working. The council needs someone to find out all about the situation and solve the problem.

Now, in order for you to take the quest, you will have to meet the following requirements and have the recommended items to take on the quest!

●You will need to have at least 35 Agility skill
●You must have completed the Alfred’s Grimhand Barcrawl
●One item of each Rune (fire, water, earth and air)
●Arrow of any type
●Any sword of your choice
●2 planks
●Molten glass
●Swamp tar
●60 Steel nails
●Enough combat to defeat Dagannoth and Mother Dagannoth of level 100

Recommended Items:
●40+ prayer
●Armour, weapons and food
●A necklace from either Camelot Teleport or Games Necklace for teleportation
●Summer Pie, in case you want to boost your agility from 30
Starting the Quest
In order to start the quest, you will have to speak to Larrisa outside of the lighthouse at the north of Barbarian outpost. You will need either one of the necklaces mentioned above to teleport to the outpost and to the Lighthouse.

And after your conversation with Larissa, you will have to go back to the outpost and speak with Gunnjorn at the agility area. After that, go to the northeast of the outpost with the key that he gave you and collect two planks from the respawn point. You will have to get these planks to the broken bridge near Larissa and fix the bridge with these two planks and the nails that you already have.

Once the bridge is fixed, talk to Larissa and she’ll send you to the 2nd floor of the lighthouse. Once there, search for the bookcase and read through it’s manual and the ancient diary there. You’ll then have to go up to the 3rd floor and use both Swamp tar and molten glass on the lighting mechanism there and light it up.

Now once it’s lit up, get to the basement and once you reach the door, you will have to use the 4 runes and also the sword and arrow there. Now from here, if you move forward the fight will start so make sure you have everything that you need in the fight. Then just head back to the door at the eastern section of it.

You will meet Jossik there and then the fight will commence. There will be different forms of the Dagannoth, the first one will be easy to kill using a melee prayer but then it’ll get more difficult as you reach the Mother Dagannoth.

Here is a basic Weakness chart for each of the Form

Color Weakness Use these Attacks
White Air Spells Wind strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave and  Surge
Blue Water Spells Water strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave and  Surge
Brown Earth Spells Earth strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave and  Surge
Red Fire Spells Fire strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave and  Surge
Orange Melee Melee Attacks
Green Ranged Ranged Attacks

You need to change your attack style based on the form that you are fighting. You can get to a safe spot behind the stalagmites to avoid damage and defeat the Dagannoth.

After you have successfully defeated the Dagannoth Mother, you will receive a rusty casket, which you’ll have to take to the 2nd floor and give to Jossik. That’ll mark the end of the quest and you will be rewarded with the following except for the osrs gold:

●2 QP
●4662 Magic Exp
●4662 Strength Exp
●4662 Ranged Exp
●And a damaged book of your choice.

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