Hot 2018 -RS premier club [Monday, November 27, 2017]

We all know that 2018 is coming, Please focus on runescape , many more new updates, that's a surprise, if you be members , you will get more, as  Gold members , have more benefits !
Here more Goods About Runescape members,


Be the "Premier Club members"

A, With four beneficial effects of Hellion Aura Runescape
1, In ten minute;you and your other friends could get +10% XP boost!
2,In 1H,Boosts your XP by +10%
3,death reclaim for one free
4,Reset it once a day of the Hellion Aura


B,Premier club reward token (it could unlock Premier Club-exclusive items from previous years) could for Gold or Silver ,but Gold members have much more times.

(The Premier Club Vault) that ,Members can have a try for free until Nov. 30
the best  news: a s 2018 Runescape Gold Premier Club membership, be available on a monthly basis !but you must to buy it!

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