How Economy Changes in OSRS Effect Grand Exchange? [Tuesday, December 14, 2021]

One of the things that intrigue me the most about MMO games is the economy system, which is kind of the backbone of the whole game. And Runescape has one of the best economy systems with a full-fledged Grand Exchange where you can make trades (buy and sell) to earn a profit on the price fluctuations in the market.


However, over the last few months, the Runescape economy has been a bit unstable. Now there are many reasons why that might be as the economy in RS depends on a number of factors. These factors range from Major gold sinks to item sinks, which over time make the popular items just stack up and their values, declining. This issue has been raised quite often and it seems Jagex has finally decided to make some major changes to the Runescape economy to tackle that.


But what changes are we expecting and how do they impact the Grand Exchange?


How does Runescape Economy work?

Before we dive into the changes that Jagex has decided to make to stabilize the Runescape economy, we need to understand how Runescape economy actually works. And luckily, that’s very easy to understand as it pretty much works the same way as the world economy works.


It all depends on the core concept of supply and demand. And there are two things that you need to keep in mind:


 If there is more rs gold coming into the game then there is leaving the game, we experience inflation. Which essentially makes the gold lose its value and the items become expensive to keep the balance.

 However, when the demand for the items increases, the price also goes up. But if the supply can not keep up with demand the prices go down.


How Jagex plans to tackle this?

So according to what we know from the officials, there will be a number of changes and additions to the Runescape economy but one of the major changes to be made is, of course, the GRAND EXCHANGE TAX!


Yes, Jagex will be applying a tax to Grand Exchange, which for now is 100% tax-free, which allows the players to easily make trades in this Runescape auction with ease.


However, in order to control the inflation rate in the game from spiking up and down, Jagex has decided to introduce a tax on “selling” items using GE. How much do you ask? Well, according to what we know from the official statement, there would be a 2% tax on each time sold.


Meaning the tax will be applied for each item individually rather than the total value of combined items that are sold. Also, the whole tax will be applied to the seller, regardless of what the buyer has paid.


Item Sink

While this whole Taxing thing can help tackle the gold sink issue, there still remains an item sink, which is when the items stay in the game for too long without a proper removal plan in place.


So, in order to deal with this issue, the developers have come up with a rather interesting technique. Without having to delete the items directly from the game, the developers will be able to purchase the items off of the players using the money they had collected from the tax.


This way the items won’t just disappear out of the game but they will be bought off with tax money for the developers to just delete them from the game.


Of course, there will be a limit to how many items will get deleted per day using the tax money collected from the players trading in GE, so this doesn’t create a supply shortage for the items that are removed.


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The Rs2hot Team