How to Create and Use Combat Bracelet for Teleportation – Complete Guide [Friday, March 26, 2021]

Old School RuneScape or RuneScape 3 is well known for the massive explorable world, despite being so amazing, traversing through such a large map can prove to be quite a hassle. But to tackle that RuneScape has a great solution, Combat Bracelet.

Combat Bracelet is a Dragonstone Bracelet which is enchanted by the Enchant lvl.5 jewelry spell. And in this short guide, we are going to take look at how the Combat Bracelet is made, how we can use it to perform teleportation and the places we can teleport to.


How Combat Bracelet is Created in OSRS?

The players can create the combat bracelet very easily but they require certain materials and skills. The first thing that we need to get is the Dragonstone bracelet which will then be enchanted by a level 5 jewelry spell. The items that we require are 15 water rune, 15 earth rune and 1 cosmic rune. And the Dragonstone bracelet can be crafted using gold bar combined with the Dragonstone using a furnace with mold of the bracelet.

Now that we finally know how to create the Combat Bracelet it is time to figure out exactly how we can use it.


The Usage of Combat Bracelet

The Combat Bracelet basically lets the players teleport to combat related guilds in the map but that’s not all. The player that wears the Combat Bracelet can also get information regarding their current slayers task count for every 10 kills. The Bracelet keeps tracks of how many kills you need make in order to complete the current slayer task.

Another cool feature about this Combat Bracelet is that it rewards bonuses (+1 for the attack and -1 for the defense bonus compared to the Mithgril Gloves).

Now for those wondering if the bracelet can be used continuously. Well no, the combat bracelet has charges (up to 4) and eventually it will run out of charges as each teleportation deducts the charges by one and in that case, you will have to charge it again. The Bracelet can be charged at either The Tears of Seren fountain or at the Legends Guild’ Totem poles or alternatively, it can also be charged by a Geyser titan.


How to Perform Teleportation using Combat Bracelet?

Now that we know what the Bracelet does it’s time to figure out how to use it. To use the Bracelet, we need to go to the inventory, right-click on the bracelet and hit the “Rub” button or you if the Bracelet is already equipped, we can just right-click and select one of the following destinations:

· Warriors' Guild

· Champions' Guild

· Edgeville Monastery

· Ranging Guild


The Combat Bracelet surely makes traversing through the map quite easier, especially when we are travelling through the wilderness. It makes our lives so much easier and speaking of which, you can also buy some cheap RS Gold and RuneScape 3 Gold which can totally help you boost your progress in the world of ever growing MMO title of all time.

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