Improvements of Dragon Slayer II And Others [Monday, January 15, 2018]

It is regarding one week since the first large OSRS up-date of 2018 Dragon Slayer II was launched. Even though the majority of gamers believe extremely from it, the Old School desires to allow it to be far better by causing a few changes.

Improvements of Fossil Island OSRS

1.A mini-task list on Fossil Island will be added.

2.Extra tiers of birdhouses will be created

3.The underwater Agility&Thieving activity will award Glistening Mermaid Tears

4.A new Mermaid will be increased to the drift net area

5.Volcanic Ash will be sold in the Volcano Mine shop for 40 points per item.

Dragonbone Necklace change&Dragonfire Ward improvement

1.Increase the stats of Dragonbone Necklace OSRS a little, adding its prayer bonus from +6 to +12.

2.Reduces your remaining prayer points by 50%

3.Equipped, add a new effect with a delay of 15 seconds before the bone burying effect becomes active.  

4.Skeletal Visage to an anti-dragon shield at any anvil.

5.Ranged shield : increase the melee defence by 10 and the magic defence by 6.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

1.Increase its accuracy

2.Damage bonuses to 30% from previous 10%.

3.They would like to know whether or not to include a good decoration package for your Dragon Kiteshield/Dragon Platebody/Necklace of suffering to master clues.

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