Jagex Reworked the Whole “A Night at the Theatre” Quest - OSRS [Tuesday, August 3, 2021]

Every OSRS player was super excited about the release of A Night at the Theatre quest as soon as it was announced, which it did. But things didn’t turn out exactly how the fans expected them to be and quite rightly. A Night at the Theatre was supposed to be a quest followed by an intriguing story-line but when it was released, the fans were quite disappointed at the quest auto-completing as it meant they’d miss out on the new dialogues.

And that wasn’t supposed to happen as the quest was actually called a “story mode” quest. But fortunately, the cries reached Jagex and he realized that the quest wasn’t actually living up to the expectations of the fans, nor the standards of the Old School Runescape. According to him, “It’s fair to say that A Night at the Theatre has been a bit of a poor show. The quest we released didn’t match what was originally polled, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t up to the standards of an Old School escapade. We completely agree with your feedback, and we’ve taken your suggestions on board.”

What does it mean for the Players who have already completed the Quest?
And with that said, Jagex reworked the whole A Night at the Theatre quest to include all the changes that were brought up by the OSRS community to make it worth questing! And with that he further announced some instructions for those who have already completed the original quest.

So now in the Reworked version of the quest, those who have already completed it are required to complete the quest again in the same way they did the original one but this time, they wouldn’t have to complete the raid again.

Upon completing the reworked quest, the players will also get their lost Quest Points back and also the additional Combat XP lamps that’s increased in the reworked version.

And Speaking of additional rewards, here is what you get on the completion of A Night at the Theatre Quest.
A Night at the Theatre reworked - Requirements and Rewards
Before starting off the quest, the players are required to have completed the “A Taste of Hope” quest and alongside that, you are required to have 90 Combat Level.

And if you meet all the above mentioned requirements, you can proceed to get started with A Night at the Theatre quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will get the following rewards:

●3 x 20,000 XP combat Lamps (previously 2 x 20,000 XP)
●2 Quest Points

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And last but not the least, we have another quick little update for you from Jagex. And that is the new Quest Icon system. This update allows the players to check a quest status by hovering over the icon and you can even highlight a quest on the map by right-clicking and selecting “Show on map” option, which is a much needed relief for every Runescaper, ain’t it?

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