Last OSRS Man Standing Beta New Changes [Friday, July 19, 2019]

Last week rs team launched a beta to demonstrate and tweak the changes to Last Man Standing described in the State of PvP blog from May. Since then, the beta has proven popular among regular PvPers as well as players just starting to learn how to PK.

The official Old School update this week consists of feedback changes to OSRS Last Man Standing beta. You could read below to learn the details of these OSRS LMS beta changes.

OSRS Last Man Standing Beta
This month the Last Man Standing OSRS beta has launched in game to demonstrate and tweak some LMS changes. Currently 5 OSRS LMS beta worlds are opened: 401, 405, 407, 409 and 412. The Last Man Standing beta is still ongoing with no confirmed date of closing. If you haven't had a chance to play yet, the rs team encourage you to give it a try if not least for the free practice! Any and all feedback is hugely appreciated and will be used to refine the minigame until the changes are ready to be polled.

Last Man Standing OSRS Beta Details
Shortly after launch, the following hotfixes were made to the LMS beta following initial feedback:
1. The PJ timer was increased to around 20 seconds to give players time to collect loot from bloody keys and prepare for the next fight
2. Crates were fixed to give appropriate ammunition after awarding a Heavy ballista or a Dark bow
3. Starting equipment was removed from the loot after killing another player
4. The initial countdown was increased to give players time to prepare their inventories
5. Karambwans were fixed to heal players correctly
6. Special attack and run energy were updated to fully restore instantly after killing an opponent
7. Dropped food and potions were changed to disappear after 5 seconds
8. Players may only have one Saradomin brew in their inventory at a time

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The Rs2hot Team