Learn More About the New Free OSRS Quest: Below Ice Mountain and Dungeon [Monday, April 26, 2021]

OSRS just received a new free-to-play quest and dungeon. Below Ice Mountain is a free-to-play quest that revolves around aiding an 'archaeologist' who seeks to open an ancient set of doors leading into the western side of Ice Mountain. The player needs to assemble her old team, which is capable of opening the doors and gaining entry to what lies beyond...

Below Ice Mountain is a new quest in Old School RuneScape, available to both members and the free-to-play community. The quest follows Willow – an archaeologist on the lookout for her next discovery – and will unlock access to a dungeon below Ice Mountain.

Walkthrough Quick guide:
Starting off
1. Talk to Willow on the path south of Ice Mountain, north of Falador.
2. After talking to Willow, you can recruit her former crewmembers Checkal, Marley and Burntof in any order:
1. Speak to Checkal in the centre of Barbarian Village.
2. Speak to Atlas in The Long Hall tavern in Barbarian Village.
    --Take a cooked meat and a beer from the tables in The Long Hall if you do not have them already.
3. Return to Checkal and use the Flex emote when prompted.
Items required: a knife, cooked meat and bread.
1. Speak to Charlie the Tramp near the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.
2. Speak to the cook in the east room of Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.
3. Create a steak sandwich by using a knife on cooked meat while having bread in your inventory.
4. Speak to Marley in Edgeville at the yew trees with the steak sandwich in your inventory.
Items required: a beer or 3 coins
1. Speak to Burntof in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador.
     ---If you do not have a beer, buy any beer for 3 coins by talking to Emily or Kaylee.
2. Choose any option in the game of rock paper scissors.
Entering the dungeon
Items recommended: any pickaxe, or a weapon and armour to kill a level 25 monster, some food for low combat players.

1. Go to the entrance of the Ice Mountain Dungeon, at the west side of the Ice Mountain, and talk to Willow (dungeon icon on minimap). The crew will begin unblocking the entrance, with Burntof blowing up the rocks, Checkal moving the debris, and Marley disabling the traps within.

Though you become fascinated at the potential historical value of the ruins, Willow reveals to you that they are not actually archaeologists, but grave robbers hoping to find valuable loot. Now that you know, she can't risk you revealing them to the authorities and prepares to kill you. However, Burntof accidentally sets off a trap, awakening the Ancient Guardian. Having bit off more than they can chew, the four team members flee.

2. After the cutscene, kill the level 25 Ancient Guardian or mine the 4 pillars in the corners.
After the cutscene ends, kill the level 25 Ancient Guardian. Players can choose to kill it through standard combat, but lower levelled players are recommended to mine the four pillars in the corners of the room; this will cause some rocks to fall down, damage the golem and ultimately kill it. Alternatively, the guardian can be safespotted by hugging the east wall by the ruins exit.

After defeating the golem, the player will loot some items from Willow's bag, which she left behind in a panic. However, the doors leading deeper into the mountain open, revealing a dwarf named Ramarno. Being one of the few Imcando dwarves to have survived the Runecrafting Crusades, Ramarno has since lived inside these ruins: the Ruins of Camdozaal.

Congratulations, quest complete!

After the quest is complete, your character will speak with Ramarno , a dwarf found in the ruins.

Rewards of Below Ice Mountain:
* 1 Quest points Quest point
* 2,000 coins
* Access to the Ruins of Camdozaal
* Flex emote
* The ability to make a steak sandwich

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