Learn More New Miniquest - Tortle Combat and New Activity Pets [Tuesday, February 02, 2021]

We learned from the blog news of RS Team that they will be celebrating one year of the Ninja Team with a new miniquest - plus,  the player-designed Activity Pets have been released into the wild!

Ninja tortles aren't the only strange animals hi-kicking their way into the game this week - meet the Activity Pets! These player-designed critters were voted into the game by you last year, and their artists have been hard at work bringing the winners' designs to life. So, without further ado, let's meet the pets!


Richie is a fancy magpie with very expensive tastes. If you can help him accumulate 100,000,000 Gold Pieces, he'll follow you anywhere - and when you reach even higher wealth milestones, he'll change appearance!

There are four appearances in total, unlocked at 100,000,000GP, 1,000,000,000GP, 5,000,000,000GP and 10,000,000,000GP. Beyond that, you can continue to hand over as much cash as you like for bragging rights.

You can donate your hard-earned Gold Pieces to Richie at the Grand Exchange.


Mune is a mysterious creature who wanders the wilds of Gielinor, changing appearance to suit the environment. But be careful - they only appear to adventurers who've proved their local knowledge by completing Elite Area Task Achievements.

There are six appearances in total, unlocked by spotting Mune in different regions of the world. Here's a quick field guide:

Day Environment Requirements
Monday Desert Desert Set Tasks - Elite
Tuesday  Forest Tirannwn Set Tasks - Elite
Wednesday  Ice Fremennik Set Tasks - Elite
Thursday  Swamp Morytania Set Tasks - Elite
Friday  Wilderness Wilderness Set Tasks - Elite
Saturday  Random Dependent on area (See above)
Sunday  Random Dependent on area (See above)

Mune will roam Gielinor every 2-4 hours and will wander about for 30 minutes before leaving. Keep your eyes peeled!


When completing clue steps and opening caskets, you now have the chance to find a Golden Compass. Activating it will unlock Artemis, the Treasure Trails pet! This wise and ethereal deer will be your companion as you travel the world collecting clues.


Hey, does this pet remind you of anyone? Zez is there to be your boon companion throughout your RuneScape journey. He'll be unlocked once you reach 5,000 RuneScore, and as you explore the world and complete further achievements, he'll level up alongside you!

Zez gets a new appearance at 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 RuneScore - so get ready to check off those cheevos!

Ninja Strike 18: Ninja'versary!

It's been a whole year since the Ninja Team began their epic quest to eliminate bugbears and nitpicks all across the game - and they just haven't stopped since! In our 18th Ninja Strike they're tackling that pesky General QoL again, and they've also prepared a special surprise...

New Miniquest - Tortle Combat
Listen here, kid - never mess around with teleportation! Now that the Trap Telekinesis spell has been invented we've been receiving strange reports from all over Gielinor, and the latest one is right here in the Varrock Sewers. Apparently some tortles were accidentally teleported in from the Maw, and the experience has made them a little... 'different'. Go help them out, will ya?

Getting Started

To start, speak to Postie Pete-za by the entrance to the Varrock Sewers


- 40 Construction
- 17 Farming
- Completed the introduction to Player Owned Farms

After helping the Ninjas' mutant tortles (age unknown), you'll get the following rewards:
- 10,000 Construction XP Lamp
- 1,000 Farming XP Lamp
- 1,000 Magic XP Lamp
- Ninja Hood cosmetic override

Loot Duels Returns
Loot Duels returns from February 2nd to February 15th!

Don't forget, in addition to being able to take your pick of your favourite chests from past promotions, every time you open a chest you'll move along the progression tree and get an even greater variety of rewards. Happy hunting!

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