Learn More OSRS 2021 Easter Event Guide and Rewards [Friday, April 02, 2021]

It's finally the time everyone’s been waiting for, the Easter Event is live now! But this year’s Easter Event won’t be the same as any. This year you will be helping Gregg the rabbit change the whole Easter Event tradition and hopefully, take the spotlight away from the rabbits.
It might strike you as odd but Old School RuneScape has taught us better than this with all the past events and quests. But what’s actually new in this years’ Easter Event and how are we going to help Gregg the rabbit achieve his goal and most importantly what are we going to get back in return. Let’s find out:

Introducing the Eastdoor!

If we are going to find out what’s new in this year’s Easter Event, what better way than to ask the dev himself? According to Jagex’s announcement, “Easter comes around, and he's thrust into the limelight once again. He's tired of being the center of attention, so with your help, he's going to do everything he can to make Easter about something completely different. Introducing: Eastdoor!”

Starting the Event

That already sounds good! But how do we actually start the event? Well, for that we would need to head all the way to Draynor village, outside Ned’s house and just look for a huge rabbit.
2. Once you speak to Gregg, the event will start and the first thing you will be asked to do is bring Gregg some paint from Aggie.
3. Return back to Gregg with the paint which he’ll use to paint Ned’s door but that’s not all.
4. Gregg will then ask you to bring eggs from the cook, then after talking to him, you will be teleported to the kitchen in Lumbridge Castle, once there meet with the cook to get the colored eggs and meet with Gregg in sheep pen at the general store where he will ask you bring some wool for which you’ll have to shear three sheep.
5. Once done get back to Gregg to be teleported to Thessalia’s clothing store, there talk to Thessalia and get some ribbons that she won’t have but instead give offcuts.
6. Talk to Thesallia and meet with Gregg at the Lumber Yard.
7. A cat will chase him off as he tries to pick some planks which he’ll then use to craft a door.
8. You will then be teleported back to where you started with all the decorations in place.
9. Meet Gregg again to start a cut-scene. Once done, Gregg will give you the Eastdoor he built and also the cute little propeller hat.
Congratulations, Event complete!

OSRS Easter Event Rewards:
- Greggs’ Propeller hat
- The Eastdoor
- Two easter eggs
- Player can also collect rewards from previous years from Diango.

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