Learn OSRS begins making changes to the Chambers of Xeric May 28 [Friday, May 29, 2020]

This week sees the release of some OSRS Chambers of Xeric improvements. OSRS players are getting the first updates that were voted for in Poll 71. These updates are focused primarily on the vanguards room in the Chambers of Xeric, with adjustments to the vanguards’ stats, a swap of the melee vanguard’s magic defense with its melee defense, reduced aggro range, and guarantee of at least one Overload from the vanguards. Read the details below to learn changes to Vanguards, Olmlet and more.

Improvements to Vanguard OSRS
With the update on May 28th, Vanguards now have a visual cue if their health is either too high or low. In addition, the Vanguards can heal themselves when their health differs by 40% if you group has four members or fewer rather than 33%.

OSRS Chambers of Xeric Changes:
1. Olmlet OSRS can now metamorphose into a flying Vespina and an enraged Tektiny.
2. OSRS Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode now offers a new reward named Twisted ornament kit. You could learn details of this kit if you have interests.
3. If you have higher Thieving levels, you will have a chance of receiving multiple grubs from a chest.
4. Potion drops now have a higher value, and are more likely to appear on top of the lootpile alongside raid supplies and bones.
5. You can build an extra large storage chest with a capacity of 1,500. 99 Construction and 8 planks are required.
6. There is a chance to obtain the metamorphic dust again even if you have already previously obtained it in OSRS Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode.
7. Unique rewards collected from the reward chest are given as items rather than banknotes.

Further Chambers of Xeric adjustments include things like a rebalancing the scavenger beasts’ loot table, adjusted positions for crystals in crab rooms so they’re not a hindrance, and a fix for an issue with Vespula’s melee attack if the Abyssal Portal died.

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