Learn more the quest and the rewards of The Fremennik Exiles [Sunday, September 29, 2019]

The Fremennik Exiles is a Master level quest, and the next instalment in the Fremennik series. Taking on new challenges, making difficult decisions, and ultimately proving your worth, you are the only chance at saving Rellekka from the threat of Basilisks.

Fremennik Exiles OSRS quest requirements

To begin the quest, speak to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka. Make sure you meet the following requirements:

Quest Requirements:
The Fremennik Isles
Lunar Diplomacy
Mountain Daughter
Heroes' Quest

Skill Requirements:
65 Crafting
60 Fishing
55 Runecraft
60 Slayer
60 Smithing

Completing The Fremennik Exiles rewards you with the following:
2 Quest Points
Access to the Island of Stone
15,000 Crafting XP
5,000 Runecraft XP
15,000 Slayer XP

Island of Stone
The Island of Stone has a new dungeon available after the quest is complete. It contains dagannoths, basilisks and basilisk knights. The dagannoths are split across three rooms which are multicombat with cannons allowed. The basilisks and basilisk knights are each split across two rooms which are singleway combat with no cannons allowed. The basilisk knights, featured in the quest, can be fought after completion as part of basilisk slayer tasks. They have a better drop table including a unique item called the basilisk jaw. If killed off-task, the drop rate of the jaw is lower.

Neitiznot Faceguard
The Neitiznot Faceguard is the Helm of Neitiznot combined with a basilisk jaw. The Neitiznot Faceguard is untradeable and requires 70 Defence and completion of The Fremennik Exiles to wear. The helm can be freely reverted at any time and will convert to the normal Helm of Neitiznot plus the jaw if lost in PvP.


It has the following stats:

Attack Bonuses :

Defence Bonuses:
Stab: +36
Slash: +34
Crush: +38
Magic: +3
Range: +34

Other Bonuses:
Melee Strength: +6
Prayer: +3

Do you have what it takes to save Rellekka from the basilisks?

Basilisk Slayer Tasks
Two new unlocks can be found in the Slayer Points Reward Shop (these don't require quest completion):

Basilocked (80 points) - unlocks basilisk tasks for Konar, Duradel and Nieve/Steve.

Basilonger (100 points) - extends basilisk tasks from all Slayer masters.

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