Learn more update on the improvements from Poll #71 [Friday, June 19, 2020]

We see an improved update on Poll #71 voting from the latest osrs blog. This week’s update includes the last of the Chambers of Xeric updates, new Wilderness spawns, and a little something-something for all the fashionscapers out there. Let’s take a look.

Rocky Pet Recolours!

The only thing Rocky the Thieving skill pet is stealing this week is our hearts, as he gains the ability to transform into two new (but still totally adorable) species!

To transform Rocky into a Red Panda or a Tanuki, you’ll need to feed him redberries or poison ivy berries. To change him back into his chubby-cheeked Raccoon form, you’ll need to feed him white berries.

Chambers of Xeric

A toggleable healthbar interface has been added to the following Chambers of Xeric bosses: Tekton, Vespula’s Abyssal Portal, Muttadiles, Vanguards, Vasa Nistirio, and The Great Olm. In the Vanguards’ case, the HUD will show each of their healthbars individually.

Wilderness Spawns for Krystilia's Slayer Tasks

Two Wilderness Slayer mobs will now spawn in greater numbers:

The number of black knight spawns north of Venenatis has increased from 2 to 7.
The number of bloodveld spawns in the Wilderness Dungeon has increased from 2 to 5.

Ram Skull and Bonesack

Fashionscapers rejoice! You can now own both the Ram Skull and Bonesack rewards from the ‘Rag and Bone Man II’ quest at the same time.

To reclaim your reward, speak to the Odd Old Man at his camp near the road to Morytania. If you haven’t yet completed his quests, you can pick those up in the same place.

Bear in mind that you’ll need level 30 Defence to equip the Ram Skull, which provides the same stats as an adamant full helm.

Mining Guild Mineral Exchange Shop

The Mining Guild has finally woken up to the changing times and has started to offer bags of gems and soft clay packs in their Mineral Exchange Shop. Both work exactly the same as the ones from Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop.

The soft clay packs can be purchased for 10 unidentified minerals.

The bags of gems can be purchased for 20 unidentified minerals. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be as lucky as enneUni, who received the first ever uncut onyx from a bag of gems just this week!

That’s all from Poll #71 this time – but rest assured, you’ll be seeing plenty more of it in the coming weeks. BTW, RS2hot can be your top choice to buy RS 2007 gold and others safely. We are always here.

The Rs2hot Team