Mining and Smithing Rework Beta And Fossil Island Improvements [Friday, January 19, 2018]

In February 12, you will be able to take part in the Mining and Smithing Rework beta (including F2P), but how can you join it?

Beta can last for 2 weeks and become restricted to the test region along with exploration boulders, anvils, furnaces and so on set up. Throughout the beta, your own beta personality may have degree one statistics even though signing along with your primary accounts, and you may are able to change your own amounts to check right after at different levels.

But this beta will simply examination the primary technicians from the skills, and a lot of non-core mechanics such as Artisans's workshop, auras, familiars is going to be anticipated in the subsequent a few months.

Now that Dragon Slayer II has been released,today we will offer some changes in game update.

Fossil Island Improvements

1. Mini-task listing
The mini-task listing continues to be put into the archaeologists’ camp, recording your own search OF Fossil Island.

2. Changes to underwater Agility and Thieving
The underwater Agility and Thieving action no more benefits gamers straight on Agility and Thieving XP.

3. Drift net fishing
Ceto will permit gamers long term entry to a good instanced move internet region for one-off charge of 20, 000 numulites.

4. Fossil Island  Wyvern changes
Fossil wyverns and Historic wyverns have experienced their own protection amounts reduced.

Let’s look forward to a interesting combat. Remember you can buy old school rs gold from us.

The rs2hot team