More rewarded in Christmas Loot Pinata bag [Wednesday, December 27, 2017]

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RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinata bag
Present sack token
Stack of presents token
Present hammer weapon token
Elf shoes token
Rudolph necklace token
Christmas tree cape token
25,000 coins
40 Silverhawk feathers
20 Springs
50 Dragon trinkets
4 Advanced pulse core
2 Royal battleship kits
5 noted uncut dragonstones
5 noted uncut diamonds
Stocking teleport token
Prismatic medium fallen star
Prismatic large fallen star
Medium dungeoneering token box
Almond toffee
Hazelnut praline
Lemon truffle
Mint fondant
Strawberry creme
Spirit ruby
Spirit dragonstone
Spirit onyx
Present head token

Christmas pi?ata loot bag is the exciting times, in Christmas Advent Calendar 2017,The runescape gifts: Christmas Loot Pinatas,at the same time with 10 Treasure Hunter Keys and all free ingame items!
include obtain various rewards,deployed and hit to obtain rewards,have a good day !
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