NEX Rewards Coming to OSRS in 2022 [Wednesday, January 12, 2022]

One of the things about RS that always keep us excited is the number of unique bosses in the game, each having their very special type of fighting style. But with Old School Runescape’s long-running history, some of the bosses date back to decades.

Nex is one of the oldest bosses first introduced in the game all the back in 2001. Fortunately, the developers haven’t forgotten this second age beast, they have even announced to rework this ancient boss and give her a re-release in January of 2022! 

Nex’s Lore
Before we talk about the sweet rewards that are planned ahead of us, Let us give you a little insight into the lore of Nex. Nex was one of the most devoted followers of an ancient god during the Second Age. Nex was one of many people imprisoned by Saradomin's forces following the defeat of this ancient god and the start of the God Wars.

A mysterious individual duped a group of Saradominists into releasing Nex and her allies years later. Thankfully, Saradomin's, Zamorak's, Aramdyl's, and Bandos' armies joined forces to successfully drive them back into their prison, although the magical barriers that kept them there were damaged.

As a result, Nex's Prison Is Vulnerable. While the followers of her old master have mostly vanished from Gielinor, there are still a few nefarious types who would be delighted to see Nex set free once more.

Nex Rewards:
The first and most significant reward that we are going to get is Torva armor, which was replaced with the Vertice armor. Given that the most recent best-in-slot armor set we've received in the game is already ancestral, I'd much rather see Torva in the game than Vertice anyway.

The better you perform, the more rewards and loot you are going to bag which can potentially earn you a ton of osrs gold in profit as well. Here is the list of all the sweet rewards you are going to get after defeating Nex:

Zaryte CrossBow
Based on the positive feedback from the community, Jagex has decided to introduce Zaryte Crossbow. These crossbows are made from the remains of the long-dead Nihil. One of the things that make this so special is the fact that it makes Nex vulnerable.

Zaryte Vambraces
The other thing that we will be getting made from the remains of Nihil is Zaryte Vambraces. It could be an awesome addition to your list of the best equipment from NEX and luckily, the requirement to use this has been cut down from 50 to 45!

Ancient Godsword
The other awesome reward players will be getting for killing Nex is Ancient Godsword. Now if we compare this sword to other Godswords, we won’t see much of an advantage. With an increased attack and damage score of 25, this Ancient Godsword fits somewhere in the middle, with PVP being its strong suit.

Nihil Shards
An Ancient Brew is a mix of Nihil dust and a Dwarf Weed potion that takes 85 Herblore to prepare and gives 190 Herblore experience points. When consumed, this primeval concoction increases Magic by 5% +2 and restores Prayer by 10% +2, with a maximum boost of 5% above the player's initial Prayer level. However, it depletes Attack, Strength, and Defense by 10% +2, so think twice before drinking.

Ancient Ceremonial Robes
Not only that, but every enemy in the jail except Nex has a chance of dropping a piece of the legendary Ancient Ceremonial Robes set! A mask, shirt, legs, gloves, and boots are included in this outfit. They'll be added to the Collection Log with the same stats as Monk Robes.

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