New Event RS Yak Track will be returning in March 2020 [Thursday, March 19, 2020]

A brand new event RS3 Yak Track will be coming. Yak Track was an event which allowed players to earn rewards by completing tasks, will return from March 23rd to May 3rd 2020, so get ready for another frantic few months of silly – and sometimes more serious – challenges. Gain new rewards including the Raven outfit, Abyssal Prowler pet and more.

How to start RS Yak Track event?
Yak Track is a new event running from March 23rd to May 3rd 2020. You can open the event interface in the following ways:
-Find RS Count Yakula directly next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe. You can also learn how the Yak Track event works and what benefits and rewards you may earn by talking to Count Yakula.
-Open the event interface through the Upgrades & Extras interface.
-Read Count Yakula's Task List, which is given to you at the start of the event.
-View the event noticeboards found in various locations. The event noticeboard can also teleport you to Count Yakula.
Complete various tasks for rewards
There are two prize tracks in the Yak Track event: free and Premier. You are able to unlock the Premier prize track if you have an active Premier Club membership, or by using 2 bonds.

Players gained progress in the prize tracks by completing various tasks, displayed in the event interface. Tasks had to be completed in the given order. Players kept the items they gathered or made.

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The Rs2hot Team