New OSRS Raids Dungeon - Share the Main Information With You [Thursday, December 15, 2016]

The new Chambers of Xeric otherwise known as Raid Dungeons are gearing up to be released into Old School RS come January of the new year. If you want to check out Xeric's Raid Dungeon for yourself then hop onto world 378 and explore! This will only be available for a limited time. Here we would share some main information with you.

Maybe these going to be requirements of Raids Dungeon

One player summed up a few requirements of the new OSRS Raids Dungeon according to the official news and past experience. Of course, this is just a guess which you can serve as a reference.

1. The Fishing level may need to reach 96.

2. The Constructions level may need to reach 91.

3. There are a lot of different skills that you need to get high now.

The Chambers of Xeric will be Old School’s first brand new attempt

To be honest, the Chambers of Xeric will be Old School's first brand new attempt. You can use the recruitment board to form your own party and advertise it to others and manage its members. While Jagex is saving the challenges of the dungeon for the full lunch, you can still embark on a foray into the Chambers when you have finishing recruiting.

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