New Updates of Runescape Lockout Accounts Back [Tuesday, April 06, 2021]

After a whole month of painstaking, the team is finally ready to bring the lockout affected accounts back into the game. The wait hasn't been easy on any of the players but it's finally over and we are ready to jump back into the game and just in time for the awesome events the officials have planned for us this month!

As mentioned earlier, the update will be an on-going process and all of the accounts won't be brought back into the game at the same time but the accounts that are less damaged than the others will be brought back first and then the process will move onto the accounts that are more severely affected by the login lockout.

As the officials announced earlier, the first returned players with their recovered accounts will be able to walk around the city of Gielinor like before and on top of that there are going to be some special rewards and gifts for the returned players as promised in the last week's update by Jagex himself.

Wave Updates
As the account recovery process is a continuous process, the officials are referring to it as wave updates. Throughout the whole recovery process, we will be seeing some waves of updates and by the time of this article, we are already at the 2nd wave of update in the account recovery process that was released yesterday on 31st march. And here is what we know so far of the wave 2 update:

Wave 2 Update
The second wave brought back considerably more account back into the game than the first wave that released just a day before the second wave itself. Also, according to the statement from the team this will be the last wave before the UK bank holiday and as for the next wave in the account recovery process, it is scheduled to return on 6th April.

For the most part the account recovery is running smoothly but there might be some inconsistencies faced by the players and that is the reason why the team has decided to take more time for monitoring the recovered accounts for any inconsistencies and it will also help in increasing the number of accounts to be recovered.

Some Known Issues after Recovery
Now once the accounts have been recovered, there is a possibility that you might face certain issues and these issues include:
?Change in some of the UI settings.
?Some items might be duplicated or missing.
?Some Players might get teleported to Lumbridge or Burthorpe.

These are just few of the known issues that the recovered accounts might face but there could be other issues that haven’t been discovered yet, so stay tuned for more updates on the account recovery process. And to ease your way back into the game, we are giving away cheap OSRS gold and RS3 gold to help you with the smooth transitioning.

The Rs2hot Team