Ninja Fixes to Invention: Buy Cheap RS 3 Gold on RS2hot to Enjoy New Update [Thursday, March 24, 2016]

You may have noticed that the ever-inventive ninjas have gotten their helpful hands on Invention. Therefore, you will have a chance to enjoy a few of new things in game, such as augmentable defenders and augmentable degrade-to-dust equipment. Are you eager for experiencing the new developments from the ninjas? Don’t forget to buy cheap RuneScape 3 gold on RS2hot before you step into RS. Whenever you place your order on our site, you will experience fast delivery, considerate service and 100% security.

Main improvements on Invention update:

In general, this update on Invention can help you check out the best of the ninjas’ improvements to augmenting, disassembling, fishing rod-o-matics and so much more. Level 70 and higher defenders of each combat style can now be augmented. And upgraded malevolent, sirenic & tectonic armours (as well upgraded armours earned via God Wars Dungeon 2) can also be augmented at an Invention workbench. Bear in mind that you should have a new armour piece, an augmentor and 36 of the Divine Charge item in order to do this.

Meanwhile, there are some other improvements and changes from the ninjas, such as Augmented shieldbows may now take one weapon and one armour gizmo, but not two of the same.

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According to Jagex, the armour pieces use their own charge. Once all charge has been used, the item can’t be siphoned for XP but can be leveled up to 10. So the only way to get Invention XP from it is by disassembling it at level 10. Once you are 0~100,000 charges and level 10, you can keep using your item with the perks. It is really helpful.

Definitely, it's just too costly to be forced to buy new sets every time it runs out of charge. You may wish you were able to simply add more charge to your item, rendering it usable again. Then you can come to RS2hot to buy RuneScape 3 gold cheap to assist you in getting more charge. So you can siphon for more XP from the armour pieces.

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The RS2hot Team