OSRS 1-99 Range Guide & Level Up with Different Methods [Wednesday, February 08, 2017]
There are many daily contents in OSRS game such as Range. Many players may feel confused about how to level OSRS Range efficiently and quickly? To be honest, on the one hand, you should buy cheap rs 2007 gold to train your skills. On the other hand, you should learn some essential guides.

Three viable ways to go from 20 to 40 range rock

- Chaos Druids

- Rock Crabs

- Sand Crabs

Chaos Druids is the best gear which you can use at all times. At level 20 range is pretty crummy and you can only use studied chaps and leather armor. We would recommend getting an archers ring if you can afford one. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend switching to mithral dark soon as you hit level 20 ranging.

40 - 60 Range Skill methods

- Moss Giants

- Green Dragons

- Continue with crabs or chaos druids

Try to move on something a lit stronger most importantly once you hit level 40 range. It opens up the door to a lot of new gear. You are able to wear Robin Hood hat Ranger boots and a rangers tunic if you can afford them. Meanwhile, if you do have defense, it allows you to wear dragonhide bodies.

60 -75 Range methods guide

- Fire Giants

- Ankou

- Elder Chaos Druids

- Continue Moss Giants

- Continue Green Dragons

By then, you could fire giant the benefit of killing elder chaos roads. You can use range boosting prayers that will boost your range experience per hour a little bit. If you are going to use this locations, you should bank frequently.

75 -99 Range guides

- Elder Chaos Druids

- Elder Chaos Druids with Cannon

- Nightmare zone

If you range level is reached over 75, you can move on the Elder Chaos Druids with Cannon and Nightmare Zone. We are highly recommend the nightmare zone. You can gain a significant amount of experience in one trip.

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