OSRS 150th New Quest Coming in June 2021: A Kingdom Divided [Thursday, May 13, 2021]

According to the latest news from the OSRS blog, the 150th quest of OSRS will be launched in June 2021. We're super excited for the arrival of our 150th quest: A Kingdom Divided! With the release just around the corner, it's time to get hyped for the next chapter in the Kourend storyline.

A Kingdom Divided is an upcoming quest first announced at RuneFest 2019. The quest is a continuation of the Great Kourend quest series.

In A Kingdom Divided, players will investigate the hidden corruption within the Kourend Council, and discover a much deeper conspiracy hundreds of years in the making.

A Kingdom Divided

Great Kourend: a land of wealth, comfort and security. Across its five cities, the people of this Kingdom work to bring peace and prosperity. However, all is not as it seems. Beneath this delicate fa?ade lies an uncomfortable truth: the kingdom of Great Kourend is A Kingdom Divided.

Since the death of the last king, Great Kourend has been ruled by the Kourend Council. Under the watchful gaze of the Council, Kourend has enjoyed a golden age of progression. But not all of its citizens are happy, and, spurred by the recent arrest of Councillor Sophia Hughes, allegations of corruption are growing.

However, the political games of the Council may be the least of Kourend’s concerns. A darker power is gathering in the Kingdom - one that could change the face of Gielinor forever...

What are the requirements to complete the "A Kingdom Divided "?
To complete A Kingdom Divided you'll need to have finished the following quests:

- Client of Kourend
- X Marks the Spot (This quest is now a requirement in order to start Client of Kourend)
- The Depths of Despair
- The Queen of Thieves
- The Ascent of Arceuus
- The Forsaken Tower
- Tale of the Righteous
- Architectural Alliance

You'll also need the following skill levels:

- 54 Agility
- 52 Thieving
- 52 Woodcutting
- 50 Herblore
- 42 Mining
- 38 Crafting
- 35 Magic

What rewards you can get?
Upon completion of the quest you'll be rewarded with:

- 2 Quest Points
- 10,000 Experience Lamp
- 18 New Arceuus Spells
- Kourend Castle Respawn Point
- 20 Additional Kharedst's Memoirs Charges

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